The Safeguards group was initially tasked with exploring all the ‘What if?’ scenarios that could potentially happen in Adam’s life in his shared home. The work of the group continued with the development of strategies to solve problems and to develop a ‘tree of support’ in order to understand relationships and to be able call on the right people for each scenario. The group also spent time looking at ways to effectively monitor what is happening in Adam’s life so that everyone can be sure he is doing well and is heard.

‘Adam’s Book’ resource:
Over time a guideline to supporting Adam in his future home is evolving. This online (and updatable) guide contains layers of information: from Adam interests and lifestyle, to communication, daily schedule, contacts, safeguard guidelines, contacts and other information relevant for housemates and others to reference when necessary.

For more information around safeguards watch this video and have a look at some circle notes and an emergency protocol tree developed by the group.