Lots of people will be asking about how Adam’s move is to be funded? This story is about Adam’s unique experience. It is not a guide to funding models or opportunities as the funding environment changes all the time. Having said this, planning for Adam’s move into his own shared home was part of a larger plan harnessing the philosophy of taking a self directed approach to support.

After establishing an ideal Pattern of Support, areas to which funding could be directed were identified. Both for the transition phase while building the support systems and planning for the move. Karen and Ivan met again with Matthew Dimmock (ADHC support planner) to begin to put costs against items, in order to form an interim budget that outlines how the funding will be utilised.Expenses include those associated with staffing, house expenses (including rent, amenities and subsidies for housemates) and costs associated with Adam’s work.

Watch this video to find out a little more:

For further information about taking a self directed approach to support visit Resourcing Families and the Supported Living Network.