Moving Out of Home

One of the goals in Adam’s Five Year Plan was for Adam to live in his own place. After all, moving out of the family home is what most young adults do- eventually! Issues around how to live independently and how to go about funding and planning for this move are therefore relevant for everyone.

Watch this video to learn more about the decision making process around imagining and finding the ideal home environment for Adam.

In planning for Adam’s move to his own home, the family looked for opportunities. When Adam left school he was eligible for post-school funding in NSW. His family chose to self-manage this. Together, with the support of the circle, they built very sound foundations of community and work roles, as well as a support team- with a relatively modest amount of funding.

Beginning this way, taking opportunities where they arose, meant they were in a good position when other opportunities came along. In 2012 an opportunity arose in NSW called the Supported Living Fund. Although this fund is no longer available, there are always opportunities to be found in a changing funding environment, and particularly in planning for an opportunity like the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

The foundation of the circle became the perfect forum for assisting Adam to move into a home of his own. This meant that it was not just Adam’s parents taking on the planning and implementation. At the time of receiving the funding, Adam was eligible to use a NSW Government Support Planner to help design and cost the process. Rather than just meet and work through Adam’s parents, it was suggested that he engage the whole circle. Moving out now became a long-term circle goal. Work focused at first on creating a vision for what Adam’s new home would look and feel like:

Music with friends while on holiday

Circle Brainstorm: Adam’s Home
Adam’s place will have the feel of a student share house with three young flat mates. So a house of four people. The atmosphere would be one that is active / creative / personal. Lots of interaction lives of flat mates and Adam entwined at home, open and sharing and welcoming and connected. Adam not just physically present but is connected to and contributes to the life of the household. Things to do with Adam when people visit.