A Five-Year Plan

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Over time Adam’s Circle discussed and developed a multifaceted vision for Adam’s future based on his interests and abilities. In 2008 the circle outlined some of the elements identified for a good life for Adam:

Adam’s vision
• A sense of belonging- being valued and needed by others.
• Being a sportsman and member of a sporting team.
• My own friends.
• More control over my life.
• Living in my own place.
• Being healthy and fit.
• Learning new skills.
• Musician.
• Communicating my own needs and personal goals.
• Developing skills for everyday life.
• Having financial security.
• Finding enjoyable productive work.

These broad goals were then broken down into six aspects of Adam’s life: Work, Home, Life Skills, Study/Further education, Friends and Financial security.

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Following the development of a vision and areas in Adam’s life on which to focus, detailed plans and actions were made to move these goals forward.

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