Throughout the time that Adam’s circle was working on the ‘moving out’ plan, many people suggested that the process be recorded in some way, so that it would be remembered and that it may be helpful for other families thinking about embarking on this path.

When Libby let us know about the RUN Project of My Choice Matters, an initiative of the NSW Consumer Development Fund (NSW Government), we decided to apply for this funding on Adam’s behalf. The application was fortunately successful.

Part of Adam’s project goal was ‘ To document the process by which my support circle is planning for my move out of home ‘. Adam has happily witnessed and participated in the many many meetings and he will certainly benefit from all his supporters, future housemates and others knowing his story.

For many of the ‘sub circle’ meetings Tammy Burnstock was a paid facilitator who came to know Adam and his story as well as the details of his plans. She agreed to create this record doing the great majority of the writing as well as scripting the video interviews.

Grace Vaughan is one of Adam’s supporters who has worked with him for some years and had previously produced the ‘Adam’s Apple’ documentary for a university assignment. Her very competent filming, editing and other assistance was enlisted. Tammy and Grace are to be thanked for the excellent job they have done, putting in many hours of organisation as well as the creation of this resource.

Thanks also go to Libby Ellis, Matthew Dimmock, Harri Harding and all of Adam’s circle and support team members who have contributed time, written material and their valuable insights caught on video.

Judith Ellis set us on the path to a Circle of Support for Adam and was involved with this through the early years – we are very appreciative of this.

Thanks to Libby for carrying on this work as well as being involved with Adam’s life in many important ways.

Thanks to My Choice Matters for initiating the RUN Project, wonderful encouragement for people with disability and their families.

Adam’s Story documents the experience of Adam (with the support of his circle) navigating the process of moving into a shared house. The story moves from introducing Adam, creating a vision for his life through to big picture and detailed planning steps.

Adam’s Story is illustrated and informed by a series of interviews with key people in his life. Some sample key planning document examples along with useful links to relevant resources are also provided. This is a personal case study, not a definitive guide to moving out of home, designed to be a flexible and easily accessible resource for families.


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